Freelance; a way of life

So three years ago I decided to be a freelance worker or join the gig economy. Scary, right? I was intimidated but also excited with the new challenges taking place with my new situation. The rise of the gig economy is a force to be taken seriously. Freelancing used to be something to do between full-time jobs but now it is a viable, sustainable way to earn a living… a way of life.

The number of freelance workers is rising every year. They are contributing a substantial amount of money to the economy and contract work has become widely accepted as a career.

As a freelancer, I manage my schedule. I get to choose when I take time off, I set aside time to take courses to stay professionally relevant to better serve and keep my clients and most important I can have a good work-life balance. I use my new skills to advertise my services; ex.: maintaining my website, managing my Mailchimp account to send availability notices and I do my own publicity. Freelancing gives me the opportunity to acquire a wider variety of projects from different companies which is also a plus for my portfolio. It’s also an opportunity to work in different environments and meet new people. This way it’s easy to expand my professional network.

In my next post, we will explore ways on how to choose between freelancing or full-time employment.