How to stay productive during a drought period


Everybody, even the most experienced freelancer, in the gig economy will go through a dry spell or a shortage of work. There is no consistency in freelancing, that’s for sure and that’s why it is important to stay proactive and not let those slow periods get you down.

Stay motivated by putting this extra time to good use.

Stay connected, let your network know that you are available for new contracts. Be active on social media, write articles, follow other freelancers, influencers and potential clients on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

You can use your time in a productive way by taking online courses. It is a great way to master a new skill or improve an existing one and some courses allow you to become certified so you can increase your credibility. Online courses are more attractive to a up-and-coming freelance business and offer a more feasible scenario than going back to college.

Another way to stay productive is to catch up on your administrative tasks. Yes I know it’s not fun but essential for the smooth running of your freelance business.

Keep busy, it helps lift the spirit and you will find more creative ways to get new contracts.

See you in my next post…