The myth of freelance isolation

People ask me this question often when I tell them I’m a freelancer;

Don’t you get isolated?

Yes, I do, not very often but overall I find freelancing totally rewarding. At the beginning, I was concerned about the lack of company and struggling to motivate myself while working remotely. I was pleasantly surprised to feel the opposite (well… most of the time). Sometimes it’s a struggle to get motivated without a team around me. You have to be very disciplined to get things done as it is easy to get distracted and extended time of solitude can leave you secluded.

I tackle my motivation by starting my day with a run outside or a training session at the gym. It energizes me and I’m ready to start the day. When I work from home, I’m in contact with clients and team members. Keep connected to your old colleagues by sending the occasional email can lift your spirits and make you go back to your work with renewed energy. It’s a good idea to go for lunch with a friend or colleague. Social interactions are important for self-employed workers to overcome isolation. That’s why when you work on your own, it’s important to just go out of the house, go to a coffee shop or shared workspace from time to time to get some social interaction. What I also like to do is take a walk to get the white noise and just be around other people. It helps to keep me focused and energetic.

Since I’m self-employed, I met a lot of new contacts, while building a good client base.
I don’t work remotely all the time so I don’t really suffer from loneliness. I can say that I work from home 10% of the time and the rest, I work on site with my clients. Working in a variety of environments, gives me the chance to work alongside different teams for a determined period of time.

A freelancing work life can sound exciting at first. There’s no commute during rush hours, you can run an errand anytime without asking, you don’t need to dress a certain way and you’re in control of your own time. Full-time employees crave this kind of flexible work life and they may not understand that the lack of social interactions can become a problem when working from home for an extended period of time. Human beings are social creatures and it’s hard to be successful in complete solitude. When loneliness hits you, get out there, call or message someone because we need each other to be successful and happy.

See you in my next post…

Take care